We now have over 300 families in our Pictorial Directory. Is yours? It’s not too late. The committee is still working on the book that we will have published. If you would like to be in the book and be part of St. Joseph Parish’s legacy, call Firestone Photography 510-490-6789 to have an appointment set up soon. The book will have portraits from our parishioners and our ministries, along with many very interesting pages of our history and pictures of our past St. Joseph events, liturgical and social. For everyone that had portraits done, PLEASE pull up the website saintjosephmsj.org and click on Pictorial Directory. Type in our password, fathermanny and check your portrait for correct names. If you see an error, contact donaldkaefer@gmail.com to let him know. For all of our parishioners that would like to see the directory, please follow the same instructions.

Also see these FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) to answer a lot of your questions. We are excited about our partnership with Firestone Photography to create the new pictorial directory. Firestone Photography is located around the corner from Saint Joseph’s on Washington Blvd.