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Getting started with the parish website

Hello, I am Frank Canova. Together with Carlos Mangrobang we administer this web site. Please feel free to contact us if you need help in any way.

Web site policies

  • Web space is only available to ministries and parishioners at St. Joseph Church to help keep our parish community informed.
  • If you are outside our parish and have information to add, please send it to a webmaster at seaware@yahoo.com or contact the parish office for consideration.
  • We will not post advertisements or links to businesses on our web site.

How the website works

Editing on the church web site is based on wiki software… have you heard of Wikipedia? Our church web site is similar. A wiki allows authorized visitors to easily add, remove and otherwise edit and change any available content without needing to understand the mechanics of how web pages work. The ease by which changes can be made makes the wiki a great tool for communicating with the parish. Some technical details are here.

First steps – who is the editor to represent your ministry?

We are a fortunate parish with over 90 different active ministries. To make sure your message is communicated to the parish properly, it is important you have someone provide the text for the parish website. There are two ways that person can update the web site:
  1. Editing the website directly – The information below describes how to log in and make the web site updates yourself. This is the most timely and accurate way to communicate on the web site with the congregation. Most editors that understand how to use a computer can do this.
  2. Sending text to the webmaster – If your ministry editor feels uncomfortable with making the changes directly, the webmaster is here to help. Please send the text of your message in an eMail to seaware@yahoo.com and it will be posted.

Guidelines for your website message

Unlike a printed bulletin, the website is visible to everyone in the world not just the parish. The website is a wonderful opportunity to reach out to more people than you might otherwise connect with through print or in church. Some types of information that would be helpful to post on the website are:
  • Mission statement (goals/objectives of the ministry)
  • How to be involved (meeting times, places)
  • Who to contact for more information (phone, eMail, etc)
  • …and anything else that’s important to share.

Login Instructions:

If you have never logged in...

  1. Please contact a webmaster to get the 'passcode'.
  2. Click Login at the bottom of any page.
  3. Click on Register.
  4. Pick a User name, for example john.
  5. Enter the Passcode you got from the webmaster.
  6. Pick a personal Password, for example 12345 (this is not the same as the passcode in the previous step).
  7. Enter your email address and click Register and you're in!!

Returning to add information?

  1. Click Log in at the bottom of any page.
  2. Enter your User name and Password that you previously registered and click Login for access.
  3. To make changes, click Edit on the web page to be updated. Ministry pages, Calendar Events, and News Articles are easily added. Look for further tips once you log in.

Adding content:

Once you sign in, at the bottom of every editable page is a box that says ‘edit’.
  1. Go to the web page to edit.
  2. Click on ‘edit’. This opens a window that allows you to enter any text.
  3. Fill out the form then click ‘preview’ or ‘save’.

Wiki Formatting Characters

If you want to get fancy, the following characters can be added to text to create better formatting. There are many more possibilities as well. You can find a complete list by clicking on "Wiki help" at the bottom of any page your editing.

Bold text:2 underscores "_".
Example: __text__
Looks like: text
Italic text: 2 single quotes
Example: ''text''
Looks like: text
Centered text:2 colons ":".
Example: ::Some text::
Looks like:
Some text
Underlined text:3 equals "=".
Example: ===text===
Looks like:text
Text box:One carat "^" around text creates a box around the text.
Example: ^Box content^
Looks like:
Box content
Lists: At start of a line add * for bullet lists, # for numbered lists
Looks like:
  • bullet list
  • bullet list
  1. numbered list
  2. numbered list
Headings: "!", "!!", "!!!" make headings
Example:!! Heading
Looks like:


Don’t be afraid to try it out. You can undo or re-edit easily. Ministry pages, Calendar Events, and News Articles are easily added. Look for further tips once you log in. If you get stuck, feel free to contact the webmaster. We're here to help.

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